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So you thought personal trainers were only for the rich and the famous? You could not have been more wrong. As people become more health and fitness conscious, more and more people today are turning to personal trainers. And why not? Personal trainers in Gold Coast's Fitness World are helping people live a healthier life.


Every one of us needs some help and guidance when exercising when we have just started out. As leaders among personal trainers in Gold Coast, Fitness World will provide you with just that. Unsupervised diet plans, unsupervised usage of weight loss supplements and unsupervised exercise routines can actually lead to more harm than do any good. Apart from that, what you need to understand is,

Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements have Side Effects
Unsupervised Dieting results in Muscle Loss
Unsupervised Exercising may even lead to Life Threatening Medical Situations


Our personal trainers know that not every one is the same. The 'one-size-fits-all' approach does not work where fitness and health is concerned. Your personal trainer will evaluate you physically first to help put a mark on your fitness level. Based on this, we will then develop a personalized exercise and diet regimen to get you back in shape.

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Personal Trainers Profiles - Fitness World, Gold Coast

Lucia Veracruz

Lucia Veracruz Fitness Trainer Profile PictureLucia is a highly motivated, professional trainer who combines practical experience with scientific knowledge to give people results that last. She has an extensive background in personal training, having assisted young and older clients with injury rehabilitation, overall fitness training and weight loss objectives when she worked as a trainer at a busy Les Mills gymnasium in Auckland, New Zealand from 2003-2006. A desire to discover Australia led Lucia to open her own studio Fit n Fine in Ashmore on the Gold Coast in March 2006. Since then, she has helped a variety of clients meet personal fitness objectives and encouraged them on a quest for personal achievement. In October 2010 Lucia and her partner Jose Antonio have opened their new Studio in Main Beach called Fitness World. Lucia’s fitness interests are varied and wide, spanning from martial arts to dry sand running and weightlifting.

Specializes in

  • Permanent weight loss
  • Boxing for fitness
  • Strength training
  • Fitness training
  • Core training
  • Posture assessment and correction
  • Rehabilitation


  • Registered Fitness Professional under Fitness Australia
  • Holder of a current Senior First Aid certificate
  • Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT, New Zealand)
  • Fitness Foundations course (AUT, New Zealand)
  • Sports massage (AUT, New Zealand)
  • Les Mills qualified Body Revolution trainer (New Zealand)
  • Les Mills qualified Body Core trainer (New Zealand)
  • Les Mills qualified Body Box trainer (New Zealand)

Jose Veracruz

Jose Veracruz Fitness Trainer Profile PictureJose is a professional trainer with a background in bodybuilding.
He has been a  personal trainer in Spain for the last three years training clients interested in bodybuilding and body sculpting.
An interest to explore Australia's outback and see the kangaroos close up led Jose to move to this amazing country and proceed his career in fitness in Fit n Fine Personal Training Studio in Ashmore in October 2008.
Then he has moved to work as a personal trainer to Fitness First in Southport to learn more about Australian customs in October 2009.
In October 2010 he and his partner Lucia have opened a Personal Training Studio in Main Beach called Fitness World.

Specializes in

  • Permanent weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Strength training 
  • Nutritional advice 
  • Body sculpting


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness Personal Trainer
  • Registered Fitness Professional under Fitness Australia
  • Holder of a current Senior First Aid certificate
  • IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) Personal Trainer (Spain)